Angela Clayton’s Costumery


While looking for ideas to post about, I stumbled upon the website of young seamstress Angela Clayton. She designs costumes more or less from scratch. Most of her dresses are historically inspired, but she started sewing in order to do cosplay. A few of the costumes are fashioned after Disney Princesses, though all of her designs are pretty enough for any princess!


For example, this awesome one of Merida on this Blog Post!


Or this purely Renaissance gown, found here.

On her blog, Angela Clayton’s Costumery & Creations, Angela posts about each aspect of creating the dresses. For example, for this epic Elsa-inspired gown, Angela wrote five blog posts, starting here, detailing each step she went through to create the dress. She created the wig herself and hand-glued each rhinestone onto the dress in patterns she created. Talk about dedication!


In the process of gluing on the rhinestones.


A close up look at the fabric.

And for the finished product! (More photos can be found here.)


So much glitter!


Look at how long the train is!


And for a front view…

Aren’t the dresses amazing! I would certainly love to have one. And the fact that a girl younger than me could make such beautiful gowns, starting with little sewing knowledge and learning from scratch in three years, just might inspire me to dust off my sewing machine and give it a try. Maybe I’ll sneak it on the airplane next time I go home…

More information about Angela Clayton’s Costumery can be found on her website, here, where you can find links to her social media outlets, like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thoughts? Ideas? Have you ever heard of Angela Clayton and her costumes before?


About Emily Kopf

Emily Kopf is a voracious reader with a love of all things fantasy, fairy-tale, and happily-ever-after. She is a twenty-something year old college student studying to become a copy editor and writer. In the mean time, you can find her reviewing everything from books to phone cases to clothing on her various blogs.

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