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Transforming Cinderella Dress


Another fun thing! Cosplyer Bubbly Bee made a Cinderella dress that changes from rags to a ballgown:


Fun Fact About ‘Ella Enchanted’


607014Have you ever read Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine or seen the movie Ella Enchanted (2004)?

It’s the story of a girl who is “blessed” at birth to do everything anyone tells her or else she becomes physically ill. As you might guess, it caused her some problems, such as when her stepsister found out and used it to order her to do horrible things. So, Ella set out on a quest to find her fairy godmother, Lucinda, and convince her to rescind the so-called “blessing.”

If you only watched the movie, you may or may not have picked up on the fact that Ella Enchanted is a retelling of “Cinderella.” The movie had only a fraction of the indications that it is a retelling than the book did.

One of the clearest indicators are the names: “Ella” for “Cinderella” and “Char” for (Prince) “Charming.” But did you know that there is another name in the story that comes from the story?

Here is our fun fact: Ella’s fairy godmother’s name also comes from the name “Cinderella.” The word “Cinderella” can be broken into two parts: “Cinder” and “Ella.” “Cinder” is a variation of “Cindy,” and “Cindy” is short for “Lucinda,” the name of the fairy godmother. p33298_p_v8_ad

It makes a person wonder. Why did Levine name the fairy godmother “Lucinda”? Is it so that the three main characters of the story – Cinderella, the prince, and the fairy godmother – all had names from the original tale? Is there some hidden meaning in it that maybe the fairy godmother was a little Cinderella-ish herself, which is hard to believe? Is it because Lucinda in Ella Enchanted is the reason Ella was forced to work like a slave, earning the nickname “Cinderella” in all the stories? Or is there no real reason behind it other than fun and I’m over-analyzing things?

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